Gordian Hense
Gordian Hense

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Hello, my name is Gordian Hense. I am the owner and founder of pictworld.com. I worked a long time in the automotive, chemical and IT-Industry. In many cases I had to do with pictures. Today I am an author for mobility topics and work in the Online Marketing Scene. And I am enthusiastic about all the new picture and image solutions. Here on pictworlde.com I am excited to write about image- and picture solutions and famous websites in this area. I believe there is plenty to come in this sector. This website will be an international news hub for this subjects. I will push this side with SEO and SEA on top positions. I have the expertise to do so. Proved by many projects.

Press Releases are welcome

We are happy to receive press releases appropriate to the subjects of this website. Send your press release with picture to “info @ pictworld.com” (clear blanks). Please deliver at least one picture with your press release. There is no warranty for articles to be published on this side. We reserve the right to remove any article from this website at any time.